about me

I started coding in 2013 in University and have had several Software Development internships, which led me to realize that this is what I want to do. After graduating, I started working remotely as a Full Stack Software Developer for a consulting company, which allowed me to travel the world while working full-time.

After gaining experience and landing my own contracts, I decided to start my own business and quit my job to freelance full-time. I was later recruited by Google, but decided to outsource most of my contracts while keeping my favorites.

Programming has given me the opportunity to live my dream of traveling the world and experiencing everything this planet has to offer.

Through my website and Instagram account, I want to share my passion for technology and travel with others. You can expect to find a variety of tech-educational content and news, as well as programming memes, lifestyle content, productivity tips, self-improvement advice, entrepreneurship, and random hobbies. I started my Instagram account by participating in the #100daysofcode challenge and have since grown a great community of tech-minded people. Join me on my journey and let’s learn and grow together!